Ares J. Rosakis Ares J. Rosakis
Theodore von Kármán Professor of Aeronautics
and Mechanical Engineering

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Experimental and Analytical Studies of Dynamic Crack Initiation in Highly Ductile Solids
G. Ravichandran, Caltech (pdf)

Experimental Study of Adiabatic Shear Banding in Crystalline Metals
Collaborator: G. Ravichandran, Caltech (pdf)

Investigation of Dynamic Failure Properties of Metallic Glasses Collaborators: W. Johnson, Caltech; D. Rittel, Technion, Israel

Dynamic Delamination of Coherent and Frictional Bimaterial Interfaces
Collaborator: Student: G. Lykotrafitis, Caltech (pdf)

Dynamic Shear-Dominated Intersonic Crack Growth in Homogeneous Systems with Weak Crack Paths of Various Geometries
Collaborator: Student: G. Lykotrafitis, Caltech (pdf)

Subsonically and Intersonically Moving Dynamic Cracks in Unidirectional Laminated Composites
M. Ortiz, Caltech; A. Pandolfi, Polytechnico di Milano; Student: G. Lykotrafitis, Caltech (pdf)

Studies of Damage Evolution in Heterogeneous Materials, Composites and Sandwich Structures
Collaborators: M. Ortiz and G. Ravichandran, Caltech; Staff: J. Knapp and V. Chalivendra, Caltech (pdf)

Concepts of Dynamic Fracture Mechanics Applied to the Analysis of Blast-Induced Failures in Pressurized Structures
Collaborator: G. Ravichandran, Caltech

Dynamic Deformation and Fracture Behavior of "Pentelicon" Marble (Parthenon Restoration)
: I. Vardoulakis, NTUA, Greece (pdf)

High-Speed Infrared Imaging of Transient Temperature Fields in Solid Subjected to Dynamic Loading
G. Ravichandran, Caltech (pdf)

Laboratory Earthquakes
H. Kanamori and N. Lapusta, Caltech; J. R. Rice, Harvard; M. Bouchon, Grenoble, France; S. Das, Oxford, UK. Students/Post Docs: Michael Mello and Harsha S. Bhat, Caltech (pdf)

Validation of Large Scale Fracture and Fragmentation Simulations
Collaborators: M. Ortiz, Caltech; Staff: V. Chalivendra, J. Knapp, S. Hong, Caltech

The Influence of Fault Bends on Rupture Growth
J. Rice, Harvard; C. Rouseau, URI (pdf)

CGS Interferometry as a Full-Field, Real-Time, and In-Situ Wafer Inspection and Reliability Tool
S. Suresh, MIT; Y. Huang, U Ill; E. Ustundag, Ohio State U; Staff: T-S. Park; Student: M. Brow (pdf)

Combined experimental and theoretical study of spontaneous dynamic rupture on frictional interfaces
Collaborator: Student: X. Lu, Caltech

Download all research interests with photos pdf 3.2 MB

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